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Stay-At-Home Mom Conquers The World Of Internet Earning - Using Only Free To Earn Sites


I won't sugar coat anything. This is simply a method I found that has worked extremely well for me. I'm passing it along because it is free, and I believe everyone interested in earning online should have the opportunity such as this. If you dedicate yourself to this strategy, you can easily achieve the goal of $100/day. The history of the success of these sites is undeniable. Just look through the forums on the sites I show you... You will find hundreds if not thousands of INCREDIBLE success stories, people building a $200/day income from nothing. This is where it happens, and it all starts with some encouragement and dedication. 

With this guide you will need:

- Home PC computer
- AT LEAST 5 minutes per day (more time invested only means more money)
- An electronic payment processor (Skrill, Payza, Neteller, etc.)

**You will earn money from clicking ads, completing surveys**

  1. List of free sites I used to earn money online.
  2. Breakdown of the sites and the different features available to earn money. 
  3. How to build your income to $50 - $100 - $200 a day. 
  4. Tips and tricks to help you avoid errors. 


List of free sites I use to earn money online



NEOBUX Is the free PTC since 2008 and has been often overlooked. This is one of the main sites I use to earn automatically. Use your free earnings to multiply your profits by investing in workers that earn for you. Register to neobux by for free using this link:

Sign-up link   >>HERE<<

  • Free to join
  • Win daily prizes (best prize give-aways of up to $90)
  • The highest rates of paid to click ads 
  • Offers wall
  • Instant payouts electronically through payment processor
  • Refer friends to earn from their activity


Clixsense is the NUMBER 1 survey website of North America for 10+ years. They have withstood the test of time, and offer an OUTSTANDING number of available surveys per day. The referral program is unrivaled, the offer a $2.00 bonus to you for everyone that signs up and earns a minimum of $5.00. It isn't hard to refer people to a free program, which makes this site one of the best choices by far. 

Sign-up link   >>HERE<<

  • Free to join
  • The king of paid surveys - as much as $5.00 USD
  • Payouts in check mailed every 10th of each month if you live in USA or CANADA 
  • OR electronic payment processor within 2-5 days for the rest of the world
  • Refer friends to use this free service to earn from their activity

Payment processors:

You must find a neutral payment processing site that will work for transferring money seamlessly between your preferred sites. You will also need this processor to withdraw your funds into your bank account. For this I found Payza. Payza is free to use, and boasts a referral program with lucrative opportunities. It provides everything I needed for what I describe in guide. 

Sign-Up Link   >>HERE<<

*note: if Payza isn't available for you, you may choose another payment processor That is common amongst the earning sites of choice. 

  • Free to join
  • Popular and accepted
  • Great for free earning platforms




All About Neobux:

  • Free To Join
  • Win Daily Prizes (Better Give-aways Up to $90)
  • Paid To Click Ads 
  • Offers Wall
  • No Age Requirement
  • Instant Payouts Electronically Through Payment Processor

Maybe you have heard of the popular PTC site, Neobux, that pays you to click ads? I, Myself believe that Neobux is still one of the best paid to click programs out there, they have been paying and consistent since 2008. I would advise you to be EXTREMELY careful when selecting your PTC of choice, most of the companies in this industry are nothing more than scams and will disappear shortly after opening their site. This is NOT the case with neobux, again these guys have been around since 2008 without any problems.

Noebux is amazing in that the one thing they do consistently and that is they pay INSTANTLY. What does this mean? While most companies online take some time to process payments paid out to their users, neobux has been INSTANTLY paying their users for 10 years. You click receive funds, and within seconds you are paid. This is incredible.

However, some people complain that it is not easy to make a lot of money with Neobux and it is VERY TRUE... I will admit, it is hard to click for pennies every day. SO MANY give up because of this reason alone. They ONLY click ads, NEVER get enough money to rent enough referrals to really start snowballing an income… This is because they are MISSING OUT on a key detail on this process.

The key to making A LOT of money on NeoBux is through WORKERS. 

To rent 1 WORKER for 30 days it costs 20 cents. (Your income from the site will cover these expenses)

This WORKER can make a profit for you of UP TO 2 cents daily! 

So lets take a look at potential profit:

$0.02/day x 30 days = $0.60

Ok so we can see with ONE active worker will make you a PROFIT of $0.40 PER REFERRAL RENTED ($0.60 profit - $0.20 cost = $0.40 total profit)

Of course your workers will not click every day always. But this is still very easily manageable with some of the feature neobux offers. With a few tricks and some work, your workers WILL stay profitable. 

Neobux adprize

Neobux adprize are the highest chance of winning anything in your lifetime as you'll get. If you are a devoted Neobux individual and click daily such as I do, you will find yourself with two very cool things. For every ad you click, you will be awarded ONE neobux point and FOUR chances of opening adprize. With ad prize you are able to win up to $50 CASH instantly or up to 10000 neobux points, I will explain points later. Using the adprize you will also have the chance at winning a GOLD membership. Gold memberships are the most valuable considering it allows you to double your profits from neobux. 

Gold memberships

If you start to get comfortable with neobux, you will eventually want to upgrade to gold membership. You can either do this with money or with points. the cost is 30,000 points or $90.00 for a yearly membership. You will almost always have enough points yearly if you click all ads and spend points wisely. The choice is yours, obviously using points is cost effective.

All about Clixsense

  • Free To Join
  • Win Daily Prizes (Up To $10)
  • Paid Surveys As Much As $5.00
  • Payouts In Check Mailed Every 10th Of Each Month 
  • OR Electronic Payment Processor Within 2-5 Days

Clixsense is my survey group of choice for a few reasons. They are free to sign up for starters, and have been paying consistently since 2007. They are roughly represented as the runner up to neobux, but I find that they work extremely well for surveys. They may only pay between $0.10 - $5.00 per survey, but the pure quantity of the surveys offered is sure to keep you preoccupied and earning. 

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you complete everything with honesty here. If you start to lie on any of your survey forms to try to get extra money they will be able to tell. You must complete your survey profile to unlock and qualify for surveys. 

How to get started with SURVEYS on clixsense

After completing your free registration with clixsense, you will want to set up your survey profile. The button to complete your survey profile will be on your home screen after completing registration, and should look like this:

After completing your survey profile you will see your survey tab on the top of your clixsense page, should look like this:

After completing your profile you will want to check your survey offers page (GREEN SURVEYS TAB) a few times a day to see if there are any available surveys. You will notice there are TWO different kinds of surveys here. 

  1. Daily survey routers, are fixed survey buttons that allow you to try multiple surveys for the amount they specify. 

They look like this:


       2. Next, we have survey offers. these are located above the survey routers and look like this:

 They are specified a certain amount and can range from $0.10 through as much as $5.00 per survey. I encourage you to try to get as many of these as possible. This is where I made most of my money from the site. 

It always varies how frequently they produce them, so you should check a few times throughout the day. Try not to get discouraged at the amount of surveys you will be disqualified for, this is normal. It mainly depends on your survey profile on how well you will qualify for each survey. Also, don't be afraid to cancel surveys you feel aren't paying enough, for example $0.10 survey that takes 50 minutes isn't generally worth your time. 

Daily checklist bonus:

Going to your home screen by clicking on your name at the top of the screen. You will see your daily checklist bonus, it will look like this:

Click on each of the 5 total requirements to complete the task. You must complete EITHER the surveys OR the tasks not both. You are not required to complete BOTH to claim the bonus, but you may choose to if you wish. I didn't realize this at first and I was missing out on a lot of bonus early in my clixsense account. I just really wanted to make sure that you understand this principle concept. 


PTC and clixgrid has been removed from clixsense 7/20/2017

My detailed guide on growing your income to $100/day 


Start Building (step 1)


I used neobux to click ads and earn cash and point prizes.
I used clixsense to earn from surveys, clicking ads,

As for me, all the money I earned, I didn't cash out. Instead, I reinvested into neobux into their referral rental program. In doing so I found that I was able to watch my profits multiply on a daily basis. It is very exciting to see your money continue to grow in your account as you keep adding to the pile. This is the key part of achieving the goal of $50/day.


Getting Your Base Established (step 2)


This part of my journey I will show you how I chose to put my money back into Neobux to multiply my earnings. 

You can rent referrals in packs. There is no discount on bigger packs of referrals. Each referral is the same cost initially. You will want to start with purchasing 30 referrals at a time. I will explain this.

30 Pack of Rented Referrals  = $6.00

Going into your neobux account, you will want to navigate to your 'Referrals' tab located in your STATS page of neobux. You will see that the amount of referrals that you can rent vary, starting from 3 referrals to 100 referrals. Many ask, well why not buy as many referrals as I can afford? Well, it all comes down to activity. You will want to save some cash to make sure your 'workforce' is active enough to make you money. The process is simple:

After renting your first 30 referrals you will want to pay attention to see which actively click. And you will recycle the ones that do not. Recycling costs $0.07 so it is important to not get carried away with this feature. Most members recycle their profits away, which is obviously a HUGE mistake. I will show you how to recycle based on these details:

  1. Recycle NEW referrals only if they haven’t clicked within 3 days. 
  2. Recycle INACTIVE referrals with an average clicks per day of 1.0 or less, that haven’t clicked in 7 days. 

Keep in mind that it is important to not stress over making sure EVERY referral is active. The main goal when getting NEW referrals is to make sure that MOST click initially. If you have to settle with a few folks that just won’t click, so be it. TRUST ME, Its not worth getting caught in recycling them over and over again. I try to make sure that at least around 90% of my NEW refs click at least in the beginning. With that expectation, I find that its easy and cheap to manage the recycling.


Lower Your Expenses (step 3)


So renting referrals is the easiest way to earn on neobux. I showed you how this is possible. But what I haven’t shown you, is a crucial trick to succeeding with this system. 

For every referral that you rent, you can choose to extend their ending date by up to 240 days for a discounted rate of up to 30% off the initial cost. This means that instead of the referral expiring in 30 days, they will be expiring in 240 days. Instead of making money for you for 30 days, they are making money for 240! And all at a discounted rate to you! This is where your rate of income (ROI) skyrockets. 

So with this process you will be 

  1. Click your ads daily
  2. Earn from surveys daily 
  3. Rent 30 pack of referrals
  4. Credit each referral to the extension of 240 days.
  5. Repeat


Long Term Strategy (step 4)


For this section we will get back into the math part, but before that I will pose the question that you must ask yourself… What are you looking to get out of something like this? 

With my method, I’ve shown that without a doubt, you will earn and acquire referrals. The process itself is endless and can be utilized until the end of time. But I will be frank, nothing lasts forever, and as such neobux and the industry it belongs to will move on to something else bigger and better. So there must be an end game plan that everyone should have in mind. 

For me, I told myself I will work this system until I hit 5000 referrals, at which point I will stop renting referrals all together. I will let the current rented referrals expire and receive the income from them. At 5000 you will be accruing somewhere between $7000 - $8000 over the course of 240 days. The total cash you will receive will depend on a few variables. I figure this is enough income for me and my family to use for some thing nice. The timeline that I figured this would take is between 1-2 years. For a few minute a day of clicking?... Thats a hell of a return!!!

All of this math and info can be corroborated with the forums statistics from neobux. We are totaling income for the average user. 

This will be calculated for a user with 5000 rented referrals, that click an average of 0.6 times daily. 

5000 referrals x 0.6 clicks per day = 3000 daily clicks from referrals

3000 daily clicks x $0.01 per click received (golden) = $30 per day

$30 per day x 240 days = $7200 total income

It is a very real goal for any of us to achieve this. Using my method I have shown you how to do it without paying anything and only utilizing time and a few websites. I'm hoping that this guide may have inspired you as I have become inspired with this system. I believe, without doubt, that this can work.

Leave any comments below if you have found something that has worked better or as well for you! Feel free to join my Facebook group if you want to continue learning, or need help with anything along the way. I'm sure to be learning more and more as I go, and I would love it if you decide to join me in my quest for knowledge! I find It interesting and fun to share new ideas and to figure out the ever changing world of online earning and cryptocurrency.

Some tips I found helpful when starting out on these sites:

- Take advantage of all specials from neobux. This can also lower your break even point even further.
- Break even point for standard user with rented referrals extended to 240 days is 0.933 average clicks. Anything higher and your in the positive for cash flow.
- Click all ads every day to maximize your points and ad prize. With ad prize you will find yourself winning weekly if you are devoted. May be small amounts but you will win.
- Save ALL of your points. Do NOT use them to manage your referrals. Use them only to purchase golden membership.

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